Commercial Vs Residential Electricians

When we look at an electrician we really don’t think of what they can do or how they can do it, we mostly think if they can complete the job we need.  However, if you are going to be hiring a commercial electrician in Colorado Springs, CO, you will want to make sure that they fall into a specific set of categories for the work.


The first is the license.  If you have a residential license, then you may not be legally allowed to work on a commercial property.  The license that you get will establish you and your ability to work.  If you get a residential and a commercial license then you are going to be able to work on anything.


The tools that you need might seem the same for both type of work, however with commercial work you will need more industrial and specialized tools.  Depending on the tasks you are required to do, larger tools and tools with greater insulation may be needed.

commercial electrician in Colorado Springs, CO

Contracts and billing

When working in the residential sector you can work with one set of rules when it comes to contractors and billing.  When you work with a homeowner they can only be expected to pay a certain amount and can have different levels of insurance that will also help to dictate your fees, contracts that you can agree to and what terms billing can be done. 

For commercial you have a stricter policy when talking about contracts and billing.  IF you want to have a contract with a specific company to do their electrical work or to work on their specific machines, you may have to put in a bid or do other paperwork in order to get the job.  Also, billing is set on a net thirty to ninety days.  So it could take longer to get paid on doing commercial projects.