Tips And Tricks For Mosquitoes

We all have tips and tricks or are looking for tips and tricks on how to do specific tasks.  One tasks that most of us look at in the summer months is how to stay cool and how to deal with mosquitoes.  To stay cool, you can get a pool, stay inside or just soak in a cool bath.  To deal with mosquitoes you can hire mosquito control services in Corinth, or you can try these tricks.

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One thing that you can try is a combination of different oils.  There are a lot of essential oils and natural oils that will produce a scent that is pleasant to us but is toxic to mosquitoes.  One will be a combination of coconut oil and neem oil.  When you mix these two oils together with a little bit of water they produce a compound that will become a natural repellant to mosquitoes.


Everybody loves garlic.  Well, everyone but mosquitoes that is.  When we use garlic, the mosquitoes will find it offensive and fly away.  The same goes for vampires, another creature that will suck your blood.

Coffee Grounds

Another trick that you can do is put coffee grounds out and set them on fire.  The smoke will enter the air and repel the mosquitoes.  They will also fill your neighborhood with the smell of coffee which will then attract people looking for coffee and conversation.

Sage and rosemary

Another combination of spices that you may like is sage and rosemary.  When we have these herbs out they smell wonderful and soothing.  For mosquitoes however, it is the opposite effect.

Lemon balm

A great way to smell nice and keep mosquitoes away is to use lemon balm.  The lemon balm applies to your neck will put a protective barrier around you that mosquitoes just don’t want to penetrate.  Using this and other remedies will help keep these pesky insects away.