What You Need To Know About The Law

There are a lot of aspects about the law most people don’t know about or even care to know.  This can be a very dangerous thing if you are caught breaking the law or doing illegal activity that you feel is okay.  In many cases stealing, doing physical violence or actions along these terms are bad but others might not be as black and white.

In these cases, when we do something that we shouldn’t we may become arrested and need to post bond in order to get out.  In these situations, bondsmen that offer Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds services may be a valuable resource.  When looking at a bondsman, you will need to know how serious your crime was and what the next steps are.  A representative working in a company like Acme Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga can really assist you with that.

Innocent until proven guilty

In America we are innocent until proven guilty.  This means that the State and those that say you committed the crime need to prove without any doubt that you committed that crime.  If they can’t prove it then you are set free.  However, typically we are not arrested unless they have sufficient information to prove we have done a crime.

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The rights to a lawyer

When we have to go to court, we have the right to have someone represent us in the matter we are being charged with.  In this matter, we are given the opportunity to give our evidence of our innocence and the other side is going to present evidence of our guilt.  It will then be the job of the judge or the jury to determine if they we are guilty or not.


We are also given the opportunity to bond out of jail to allow us time to prepare for trial.  This bondsman will ensure that we go to our court date and if we don’t they will send out a bounty hunter in an attempt to recover the bond and take us to justice.